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Blister Packs: A Clear Choice for Great Packaging


Blister packaging is an extremely flexible option with a number of advantages, making it a reliable solution and one of the most popular packaging methods.

For a full, in-depth guide on the many benefits of blister packaging, visit our Benefits of Blister Packaging guide.

Blister packs are used for countless retail items, including cosmetics, household products and electronics. The reason blister packaging is so popular is simple: whether you sell cosmetics or razors, markers or cameras, it is critical to have packaging that attracts consumers and protects your products during shipping. Blister packaging offers an ideal solution to address both of these issues. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions QPSI receives about blister cards and blister packaging:

What is blister packaging?
Blister Packaging involves a variety of pre-formed and rigid packaging, usually PVC, that is primarily used for retail goods, food products or pharmaceutical items.  The basis of blister packaging or “blister packs” is the cavity or pocket which houses the product.  This is a custom thermoformed part that can either be a symmetrical design (square, round or rectangle) or can be designed to the geometry of the product it is protecting. Depending on the type of blister packaging you choose, the backing can be anything from foil to fiber (blister card).  For the “foil” blister application, the backing is called “lidding”.  A classic example of this type of packaging is with cold pills that lie in the cavity, and needs to be pushed through the aluminum foil for consumption.  “Card” blistering is when the outer flange of a standard or custom blister is sealed to the face of a blister card.

Why Blister Packaging?
Both the brand and consumers are attracted towards blister packaging due to the fact that the product is visible through the plastic covering.  This increased visibility enables the consumer to see exactly what they are purchasing. The gloss covering gives the product increased perceived value and the outer shell can also serve as a theft deterrent. The blister card is an important feature as well because it provides important “billboard” space to feature your brand logo, describe the product and how-to-use, while simultaneously attracting the customer with eye-catching images, colors and graphics.

What types of products can be packaged in blisters?

Most consumer products can benefit from blister packaging, because it is an excellent choice when you want consumers to see your product while it’s on the store shelf. Blister packs can be customized with a range of features and design choices to meet the specific needs of your product. Blister carded packaging is used in a variety of markets and product categories, including:

  • Club Stores and Major Retail Chains
  • Home Improvement, Hardware, Tools
  • Health and Beauty, Cosmetics
  • Household Goods
  • Electronics
  • Office and Craft Supplies
  • Toys and Games
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Automotive 

What are the advantages of Blister Packs?
QPSI’s custom thermoforming capabilities ensure that your blister packaging effectively showcases your products. The primary advantages of blister packing include: 

  • Cost savings
  • Increased graphics area
  • Prominent product display
  • Safe and easy opening features
  • Product protection and security
  • Recyclable material options

Can QPSI help with my Blister Packaging Needs?
Absolutely. QPSI is able to offer our customers complete blister packaging for their products, from a solid design, to the blister packaging materials, and then the final assembly. The end-goal, of course, is that the product has perfect packaging on the retail shelf, for the quick “sell-thru” of the product.  QPSI specializes in each step of the process and can provide a unique capability and solution for each customer, producing packaging that is just right for your brand and budget.

To learn more about our blister packing options, please contact us today.

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