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5 Ways to Maximize Your Blister Packaging


In today’s competitive markets, packaging plays a key role in consumer purchasing behavior, and it is crucial to take advantage all possible attributes to help maximize appeal. Packaging innovation over the past few years have provided benefits to many products, including resistance to damage, theft, oxygen, light, and moisture. Many companies rely on blister packaging as a preferred method to distribute products. Packaging industry leaders such as QPSI, continuously deliver ongoing improvements, offering a variety of ways to improve and incorporate the use of blister packaging, including providing insights into how packaging can be used for sampling, POS, endcaps, and various other displays.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Blister Packaging Infographic

Here are 5 creative ways to maximize the benefits of blister packaging:

1. Add a "foot"
Interested in instantly improving your opportunity to gain free-standing counter and shelf space? Simply adding a "foot" the bottom of your package will immediately allow a portion of the plastic to serve as a base. Often times retailers will provide more opportunities and increased visibility for products that can sit on counters or shelves, versus lying in bins or hanging on hooks. In addition, this foot can increase space and provide more area for valuable printed product information.

2. Take advantage of new innovations in sustainable packaging
Today's consumers have grown increasingly aware of how the products they use will impact the environment. To keep up with consumer trends, manufacturers can request the use of more environmentally friendly packaging, such as blister packaging which is composed of PET materials versus traditional PVC. More effective packaging can often times increase a products environmental benefits while at the same time reducing costs. As an additional advantage, companies are also able to market their commitment to consumer needs.

3. Different blister packs for different applications
Many products lend themselves to various display methods and special promotions. By using multiple forms of packaging, this often opens a wide range of marketing options to make the additional small inventory requirements profitable. For example, creating a specific package for a seasonal end cap display can instantly increase in-store visibility. Similarly, adding a small pocket or creating design space can provide unique cross-promotional opportunities or added value for a specific period, such as adding a promotional item or bonus along with the standard product is a proven and effective merchandising technique.

4. Add features not currently used
To provide security from theft, many companies will often choose clamshells and other blister packaging for protection. However, often times the current package design has the capability to better showcase the product and provide space for highlighting it benefits. In some instances, the packaging density can be increased or decreased for greater protection to prevent problems in the distribution and retailing environment. A good example of this is forming packaging around headphones and ear buds, as opposed to using a standard clamshell or box form. This thermo-forming can showcase the appeal of a product while effectively providing much needed protection.

5. Product Launch
In addition to promotional uses, creative packaging is an effective method to help your product standout out during launch. By using a variety print messages, on-pack promotional materials, and special POP packaging, will allow your product to stand apart from the rest.

Contact QPSI to learn more about blister packaging options to help achieve your business needs.

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