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Flexible Packaging: The Complete Package for Consumers, Retailers & Manufacturers


Looking for new ways to refresh your product? Consider flexible packaging, which is one of the hottest packaging design trends for 2017. Today’s consumers prefer flexible packaging because of its convenience and ability to extend product shelf life. Businesses love flexible packaging because it is lightweight, which leads to decreased shipping costs. A 2015 study conducted by the Flexible Packaging Association in conjunction with the Harris Poll, discovered that consumer priorities for packaging were for the product to be: easy to open, easy to reseal, and easy to store. Another important fact discovered was that 39% of participants will buy a product simply because the packaging is different and new. Recent developments in flexible packaging cater to all of these needs. 

Among the newest developments in flexible packaging design is the stand-up pouch. In the past, packaged products such has liquids and gels have traditionally gone into bottles, cans and jars, while dry goods were usually put into bags. The stand-up pouch is essentially a container-bag hybrid, making it a great option for both liquids and solids. Innovative and versatile, stand-up pouches create a middle ground between bottles, cans, jars, and regular flat pouches. Ideal for both liquids and solids, manufacturers, retailers and consumers all stand to gain from their use. 

Stand-Up Pouch Packaging Benefits:

For manufacturers, stand-up pouch packaging significantly decreases shipping costs, as pouches not only save space, but they also weigh much less than jars and bottles. This creates the ability to ship more product with less packaging. Bottles, jars and cans typically take up a lot of spaces in warehouses and on trucks, but pouch material is supplied in roll form. Another major benefit is cost reduction, as stand-up pouches are much less expensive than bottles, jars and cans.

Once the product hits the shelf, the stand-up pouch also benefits retailers. With its flat front design, the stand-up pouch is ideal to display large graphics explaining what's inside. The back of the pouch is spacious enough to meet a host of labeling requirements. Pouches can stand alone on flat shelves or can easily be hung from hooks at aisle-ends or on carousels, providing multiple display options. Another benefit is high shelf utilization, as less weight and a rectangular shape means more product in any given shelving length.

The consumer benefits of stand-up pouch packaging are also hard to top, especially when it comes to convenience. Pouches are lightweight, portable, unbreakable and ready for immediate use. Whether it’s food and beverage or household products, pouches with zip-style closures  allow them to be easily re-sealed, and their ability to stand upright means no spills and less waste because, unlike a bottle, the pouch can be completely emptied. Pouch packaging also provides good product protection, as the flexible material cuts damage in transit and storing, while the exterior plastic films are used to prevent light exposure.

Contact QPSI to learn more about flexible packaging options to help achieve your business needs.

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