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6 Benefits of Blister Packaging


While pharmaceuticals are traditionally thought of as being contained in blister packs, the fact is that most consumer products can benefit from blister packaging. An excellent choice when you want consumers to see your product on the store shelf, blister packs can easily be customized with a range of features and design choices to meet the specific needs of your product. Blister packaging also does a tremendous job keeping your products safe while making access easy for the consumer. Consider the following benefits of blister packaging:

6 Benefits of Blister Packaging 

1. Freshness
Particularly for items that are dispensed one at a time, having individual compartments can keep them available for easy access whenever the consumer is ready. Medications and other environmentally sensitive items benefit well from blister packaging for this reason.

2. Dosage & Serving Size
For medicines and certain food items, blister packaging distributes even portions of the product so the consumer can control product usage. Some seasoning blends or powdered products benefit well from blister packs because of the predetermined amounts needed for certain recipes. In a similar manner, medicine dosing is much easier to understand and safer for the consumer when this type of package is used.

3. Design Versatility
Aesthetically speaking, blister packaging is an excellent choice because it provides the product with a wide range of options for creating visually appealing and texturally pleasing designs. Generally, plastic and cardboard are used in commercial applications. In the pharmaceutical industry, plastic and aluminum is normally the best choice to keep the product fresh.

4. Visibility & Accessibility 
With a plastic front, blister packaging allows consumers a look at the product before purchasing. Doing so provides reassurance that the amount of product contained is as advertised and that all pieces are accounted for. Although customers can clearly view the products, they cannot touch them which helps to keep your product protected from theft and tampering.

5. Security
For items that are delicate, the blister pack is an ideal solution. The individualized and generally small compartments do not allow for movement of the product within the packaging. This design protects your products from potential damage caused in transit.

6. Customization
Because all plastic blisters are thermoformed, every design is unique to the product being sold. Regardless of the size or number of items contained in the blister pack, it can be customized to fit the needs of the product.

Additional advantages of Blister Packs?
QPSI’s custom thermoforming capabilities ensure that your blister packaging effectively showcases your products. The primary advantages of blister packing include:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased graphics area
  • Prominent product display
  • Safe and easy opening features
  • Product protection and security
  • Recyclable material options

What types of products can be packaged in blisters?

  • Club Stores and Major Retail Chains
  • Home Improvement, Hardware, Tools
  • Health and Beauty, Cosmetics
  • Household Goods
  • Electronics
  • Office and Craft Supplies
  • Toys and Games
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Automotive 


Can QPSI help with my Blister Packaging Needs?
Absolutely. The team at QPSI is familiar with the best practices in the industry. We are able to offer our customers complete blister packaging for their products, from a solid design, to the blister packaging materials, and then final assembly. The end-goal, of course, is that the product has perfect packaging on the retail shelf, for the quick “sell-thru” of the product.  QPSI specializes in each step of the process and can provide a unique capability and solution for each customer, producing packaging that is just right for your brand and budget.

To learn more about our blister packing capabilities, contact us today.


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