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Halloween Treats: The History of Candy Packaging


America was introduced to candy by the French and British in the early 18th century. Very few of the early colonists were skilled to work with sugar and the treats were only accessible to the very wealthy. Made from crystallized sugar, rock candy was simple to make, but at the time, using sugar at all was considered a luxury.

Candy became much more accessible in the 1830's when new technology and availability to sugar resources expanded the market, especially amongst children. And the candy store quickly became a staple for children born into America's working-class families.

By 1847, the first candy press was developed, making it possible to mass produce candy in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Before the 1900s, candy was mainly sold unwrapped, from merchant carts on the street. But this left the candy exposed to insects, dirt, and germs. Following the polio outbreak of 1916, unwrapped candies came under public scrutiny for exposing children to harmful germs. With new technological advances, the practice of wrapping candy with wax paper was adopted. Necco brand was among the first brands to automate their candy packaging process.  

During the 1940s, small, home-made, individually wrapped candies were the most popular for giving to trick-or-treaters on a Halloween night. And by the 1970s, after widely publicized (but largely false stories) of tampered candy myths circulated in the press, factory-sealed packaging with a recognizable brand name on it became a must, as it is considered a sign of safety.

If you are a candy manufacturer, or you consider entering candy business, good packaging can be one your most important investments. You need to ensure that your products are packed in a competitive, innovative and cost-efficient manner to appeal your customers. Contact QPSI to learn how we can help with your packaging design and development. 

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